About me :

My name is Ricardo Pozas and I'm a digital animator. I come from Mexico which is a beautiful country. I love lions, and that's important because one of my assets as animator is my understanding of the four legs animals. I also love to tell stories; mostly about life, becoming strong and learning a better path through life. As artist I began with oil painting, a little bit of photography and later on I learned 3d modeling. At first the 3d was so dificult and my stuff was lifeless. Then I discovered the animation principles and since then I became in love with the idea of giving life to characters. Currently I'm learning 3D character animation in Vancouver.

Trajectory and Awards

  • Installation art The last Titan
  • Silver medal at animation contest of Latino-American computer
  • Expositor at at Zombie Fest Querétaro with Carpe Diem
  • 2nd place at "Plasma en Corto"
  • 2nd place at contest "Hazlo en Cortometraje"
  • Official Selection in "Muestra Mexicana de Animación"